Great News for PRN's Office Depot Customers!

The Benefit of Collective Purchasing Power!
Effective September 15th, PRN members linked to the PRN Amerinet Office Depot contract are now on Tier 2 pricing, otherwise known as “Office Depot Platinum”.  This is great news, because Platinum pricing utilizes the national core list of over 600 products, PLUS an expanded local hot list of up to 400 items, PLUS increased rebates and incentives, without a purchasing commitment!  These additional price reductions are in addition to the Amerinet Choice core list of over 1340 products our members are already accessing.  This is further evidence of how your practice benefits from the collective purchasing power of all PRN members.  If you are currently linked to this contract, you will soon receive additional important details.    

Not linked to the PRN Amerinet Contract?  Contact us for information about this fantastic free program!