Medical and Office Supplies

Medical and office supplies are some of the biggest cost centers in many medical practices.  PRN has aggressively negotiated the lowest possible price on the most commonly ordered items.  In addition, PRN has partnered with AmeriNet, one of the nation’s largest healthcare GPOs.  Through the PRN partnership, individual PRN members are able to access all of AmeriNet’s thousands of contracts, while benefitting from the collective purchasing power of all of the PRN members.


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o need to place orders through us:  We simply link you to the contract, and you can place orders directly through the vendors.

•  Excellent customer service:  If you have a particular item you’re looking for the best possible price on, our staff will assist you with the search.

•  Employee benefits!  Your employees will get special pricing for their personal benefit from many of the contracts, saving them money on mobile phone services, home office supplies, home improvement needs, and more.

To follow is a partial listing of our supply partners.  Please contact us directly at (888) 776-2360 for access to our contract pricing.

Through our Amerinet partnership, you will benefit from the collective purchasing power of all PRN members as you access discounts on thousands of items such as medical supplies and equipment, mobile phone services, and medical office furniture.  Your employees may access some of the contracted discounts, including mobile phone services, for their personal convenience.

Universal Business Supply provides a full range of supplies used in your offices, from paper clips to bottled water.  Take advantage of the PRN negotiated deep discounts on the top 100 items ordered by most medical practices.  Free next day delivery, with a ‘No Questions Asked’ return policy.